11 Headland Way Haconby

A 2.1KW Solar PV Install with 12 BP 175w Solar Panels and Sunny Boy 2500 Inverter. Installed in 3 days to budget.

Expected payback within 8 years. Expecting to generate around 1674 KW of electricity per year. Saving approximately 2.5 tons of CO2 per year.

Generated 700 KW from Oct 21 2009 to 01 May 2010


A 3.96Kw install with 18 Schott 220w Solar Panels and Sunny Boy 3800 Inverter. Installed in 4 days to budget.

Expected payback within 8 years. Expecting to generate around 3300 KW of electricity per year. Generating an annual income of around £1770 tax free from the feed in tariff and saved energy.


A domestic solar power installation is typically done over one or two days and has several key elements, which are broken down below.

•   Survey
   •   We check your home is in a suitable location and is structurally suitable for solar panels to be fitted.

•   It is a requirement of the Feed in Tariff scheme that your property reaches an Energy performance rating of level D min.We initiate an EPC survey at no cost to ensure your installation complies with current rules of the scheme before proceeding.

•   It is a strict requirement of the MCS certification scheme that a full structural survey is completed prior to installation to ensure that your property is structurally able to support the Solar pv panels and mounting rails. Manor Solar will arrange for a Structural Engineer to issue a structural report on your property at no extra cost.

•   Quotation
   •   A detailed quotation is given.

•   Preparation
   •   All the materials needed are assembled and a convenient time for installation is agreed

•   Roofing and Panel installation
   •   Our expert roofing team prepare the roof and install the panels.

•   Electrical installation
   •   Our team of experienced electricians will connect the panel to your houses electrical system, along with the inverter and the new meters

•   Testing
   •   The system is fully tested and signed off, we will not finish the installation until you are 100% satisfied